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When you use our apps, you grant us some permissions that are exclusive to the functions of the app. On this page, we will inform about what data we collect, why and what we do with it. When you use our apps you are accepting these terms and conditions and is very important to understand them.

Non-personal Idеntіfісаtіоn


The IP address is used to detect if the user is online to activate the APP online functions.

Online Functions The Admin Chat Page & Suggested Prayer title page.  


IP addresses do not generally translate directly to personally identifiable information. They can usually be used to geo-locate your device to the country or city level, based on information published by your ISP. It does not, however, collect your precise geographic location. 


Collected data

Email Address Optional 

  • The email address is only needed for posting to our database for adding content to the APP via the suggested tab. Your email address is only vissible to the Admins. This can be removed by you at any time.
    Email address is not collect for ads
    If you have any concerns please email Contact@prayernotes.org

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