About The Prayer Notes APP

Personalized your Prayers to meet your spiritual needs

The Prayer Notes App was created to help with the need for specific prayers. Prayer Notes gives you the ability to add specific Prayers to your prayer list, helping you personalized and organized all your prayers in one place. Let the Prayer Notes APP be one of your tools used to fight the enemy.

If you wish to receive any of the prayers in the PrayerNotes APP  without downloading the APP, you can email us via the contact info. The Prayers are free. When you purchase the PrayerNotes APP you are purchasing the apparatus the application that allows you to save Prayer notes in a particular format with the added benefit of assistance from a spiritually knowledgeable Admin if needed.

APP Disclaimer
The PrayerNotes APP is an APP by Prayernotes.org
While Prayer Notes Admin can offer Spiritual and motivational advice. The PrayerNotes Admin is not a deliverance Minister or Pastor.